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Dr. Mary Devereaux, DAOM, L.Ac Board Certified and Licensed Physician

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Get the nutrition advice you need along with science proven supplement recommendations from case studies and sold only through physicians. Find things in your home to heal from indigestion, migraines to toe nail pain!
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Focus on solving, educating and prevention
Personalized care

Benefits of a Personalized Physician

Preventative Medicine
Food Therapy
Weight Loss
Pain Healing

Initial consultation includes:
Complete health intake : surgeries, diagnosis, pains, blood work, medications, daily diet.

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After you register, you will receive instructions to go onto the secure portal and fill out your health information.

You can make appointments through the portal. Concierge appointments usually take 15 minutes

After reviewing your medical forms, we go over all your goals and concerns.

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Feel stronger by knowing what your body needs. Save time from waiting at offices. know what to do from the start of feeling sick and the tools to recover fast. Save money not getting unnecessary tests and surgeries. Have options before you see a specialist. Understand what tests you need.


$225 initial paperwork and consultation

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Be the advocate for your ONE BODY!
Find answers and feel your best life!

Prevention methods
Side effects from chemotherapy and radiation

Auto Immune
Get to the root of what is causing systemic flare ups and lower inflammation.

Hormonal balance
Understand what happens with menopause and a decline in hormones. Get strong and say good bye to hot flashes.

Don’t live with a diagnosis of chronic pain or any diagnosis when you can achieve significant relief.

As our society evolves, we want intimate care that solves our concerns, without unnecessary medications and surgeries.The body was meant the thrive naturally… which is science 100 percent..

As your concierge physician, I will bring you the tools to take you there. And if you have something I haven’t seen, I will search case studies and involve experts to find solutions for you.  

As an integrated physician, you bring me your medical goals and problems and let me work with you to get to the root of those

If you go to urgent care for headaches, they will maybe do some tests depending on the severity-but probably just tell you to eat better, drink more water and take pain medications.

When you tell me you have headaches, I will ask many questions to find out why you are having headaches.  What time of day, and if something is triggering it?  You have lots of reasons for headaches that could be muscular from upper back pain, medications, grinding teeth at night, lack of electrolytes to eye strain or allergies….. This is what I do for you.  I find roots of problems then work on solutions…. Naturally first… I am board certified acupuncturist and herbalist..

What does herbalist mean?  Herbs are vegetables and fruits….I am an expert in the quality and temperature of food as science to your body… Why does a heating pad feel good ? Your body runs hot cold deficient excess…. I will give you tools and assist you in faster recovery minimizing the irritation in your body..