Causes of Disease

This ponder into the causes of disease is primal. Even though humans have evolved out of the nomad lifestyle, for survival, we should look at disease in an elementary way.

Bacteria and virus have ruled the earth for over a billion years. We have TRILLIONS of bacteria and viruses living on and in us. Without them, we could not survive. What we have with bacteria and virus is called a symbiotic relationship. We work together.

Decreasing time outdoors, industrialization of food, and antibacterial products, the standard American has 1-3 strands of good bacteria with hundreds of bad bacteria.  The community of bacteria and virus we have is called our microbiota. Microbiota..small animal life.

As we see with obvious bacteria and viral infections causing acute reaction, what about the chronic quiet invasion of bacteria and viruses. The number of cases that are written off as auto immune. What does it really mean when the body attacks itself? Viruses go inside the cell and multiply. Our body releases a series of defense known to us as the immune system to combat viruses. Basic science.

So how can we make our partnership with bacteria and viruses stronger?

Some people say natural products don’t help with sickness, but that’s not true. It’s disrespectful to our bodies to think they can’t be strong on their own. We need food to survive, and if we don’t understand how food works in our bodies, we’re setting ourselves up to fail.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that certain viruses like HPV and Epstein Barr can increase the risk of cancer. So if we want to be healthier, whether it’s with digestion problems, headaches, or even cancer, we need to think about our microbiome.

How can we make this microbiome partnership stronger? Our skin, which is the largest organ in our body, we should use natural products like grapeseed oil, argan oil, and coconut oil. Did you know coconut oil has antifungal, antiviral, and antibacterial properties? It can even protect a little against the sun.add a little bit of mint essential oil, and it’ll feel great to use every day. Instead of spending a lot of money on a fancy facial at a spa, you can make your own facials at home using ingredients like pumpkin, avocados, and cucumbers, which all have antibacterial properties.

In digestion, most herbs like oregano, thyme, mint, echinacea has antibacterial properties.

Fermented foods like kombucha, kefir, miso, kimchi, sauerkraut and brined vegetables are probiotic with live cultures. Eat fermented foods every day.

Raw Apple cider vinegar, unprocessed, is a must have for hair skin digestion. Take a tablespoon in a glass of water or tea 2 times a day.

If you need to supplement, make sure you buy refrigerated and alive probiotics.

When feeling a tired or the start of feeling under the weather, eliminate white sugar and artificial sugars that bacteria feed the most from.

Finally, think about your body as biology and science. Finally, think of your body as a living thing that follows biology and science. Each cell needs specific things to stay alive. So put foods in your body that give it what it needs, and be honest with yourself and call everything else fun foods.

Remember that you will probably not get sick by chance. Be the warrior by supplying yourself an unbreakable armor.