Before you go to the Doctor

When you prepare for your visit with the doctor, your prognosis in healing is bounds better.

If you tell your doctor you have a headache, and can’t describe when, where, how…. the physician will have to guess WHY. Headaches can be from a range of things from poor digestion to muscle strain. If you just tell them that you have a headache, they will offer tests and medication. It is so important to bring an investigation with you, otherwise can be months or never before the problem is solved.

What is your concern? How did it happen? When did it happen?

What have you tried and did it help? When is it worse or better? What is the pain intensity?

Remember that your blood pressure can go up and down in the day. If you have borderline high blood pressure, think about getting a blood pressure reader and take it 3 times a day. Journal your food intake and look out for triggers. If you just get on a blood pressure medication, it can cause a slew of side effects and you will not know the reason. Try to solve this problem as it can lead to so many other problems! And medications come with another group of side effects that you will not know if real symptoms to your underlying dilemma.

Journaling details about your sleep, food intake, activity and emotions. Describe just about everything!

The Art of Knowing Your Body, can help you put together a detailed account of your concerns when you talk with the physician. In the back of the book are 2 forms for you, Personal Health Check, and Daily Health Journal.

A doctor’s visit can seem rushed and stressful, by preparing ahead of time you will understand reasons for your problem, and get customized care based on your personal symptoms.

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