questioning if you need vaccine(s) is OK!

It is very difficult to read articles calling parents irresponsible or that people reject science because they question vaccines. It excites me when a person asks me questions . I question, and that is how I learn. I would absolutely ask, why?

Medicine is not perfect, and malpractice.. wrongful death… accidental death… Johns Hopkins medical research team revealed in 2021 that medical errors are the third leading cause of mortality. Their eight-year study showed approximately 250,000 people die each year from medical mistakes

How many more people are overloaded with medications or unnecessary surgeries? You have 1 life and 1 body. You are a mentor and responsible for your children. So absolutely question.

Did you know that you can get a test to see if you naturally have the antibodies instead of getting a vaccine?

Vaccines are set up for the mass but not the individual. The parameters for vaccines and boosters are a guideline, and if you have active antibodies you most likely do not need a booster nor vaccine to protect you from that bacteria or virus. The reason I state this because if you have chronic inflammation, you may experience multisystem inflammatory syndrome and respiratory distress (MIS) after immunization if you are over introduced to a bacteria or virus. (Center Disease Control, 2021)

-and when anyone says “well it doesn’t hurt”….. does it? Doctors may not know the ramifications regarding long term studies and side effects regarding your personal body. Unless you ask the medical office to look at your blood work and any medical concerns you have, they will insist you to have a vaccine that no one is responsible for if you are harmed.

You have to be an advocate for yourself. Don’t just trust a doctor but ask questions. The FDA allows carcinogens in our food and then the same companies make our medicines to block receptors that relay the problem. no healing. Call that what you want . Look how much drug companies make a year and ask yourself if they are in the business to help you individually…

Again, we live with more bacteria and virus than cells in our body. YOU CAN NOT LIVE WITHOUT BACTERIA AND VIRUS. Instead of antibacterial , try probacterial like apple cider vinegar on your hands and coconut oil.

Do not be afraid of disease but build that relationship to take the mental and physical power of disease away..

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