Kids and cats have a way of relaxing!

This is an attempt to convince everyone of the incredible power of lazing around!
I will present it in a scientific manner, but let’s not forget the importance of reflecting on our own childhood experiences.

Pain, stress, and anxiety need to be addressed. Society may tell us to suppress and move on, but the truth is, we can’t simply get rid of them. Our brain will bring back these memories at the most inconvenient times.

Children have their parents and other family members to look out for them. Think about how many times a child tells us the same story repeatedly. They’re actually finding a way to resolve it! As adults, we might not be able to keep discussing our problems with friends and family, but we can write them down. We can write and rewrite as many times as we want, just like children who draw sad faces or scribble over words until they feel better.

Living with chronic stress and experiencing sudden bursts of acute stress can physically harm us. Stress is the leading cause of many diseases, according to numerous scientific studies. As you may already know, the flight or fight response, which involves the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, is our body’s way of responding to stress. In our primal days, this response helped us survive dangerous situations by activating our body, increasing our heart rate… However, under stress, our body focuses on survival, neglecting tasks like digestion and healing injuries. This might explain why many of us suffer from chronic pain, constipation, and even develop cancer. Are we giving our bodies enough time to relax? When was the last time we took a slow, deep breath?

Meditation is precisely what we need. It’s about pausing and taking deep breaths. Even if you can spare just one minute at work to sit still and breathe deeply, repeating a positive mantra like “I love and appreciate my life” or “I am proud of myself and won’t give up,” it can give you an instant boost, just like a supportive friend would. We face trials of varying intensities, so choose a mantra that uplifts you quickly.