Understanding body temperature in Women’s Health

There is a reason you experience pain, clots, heavy or light periods. Many female athletes aim to be strong and work hard on eating the right foods. So many diets plans out there to follow- which one is right one for you?

Sometimes the raw vegetarian diet can cause the whole body to become cold. Remember the stomach likes to be about 110 degrees and acidic. When we add too many cold foods like fish and salads, we can bring down our temperature in the whole body. Adding warm quality foods like ginger, cinnamon, onion cayenne can warm up your body.

Pain can be a cold sign and that blood is not moving. When it comes to your period, if a heating pad feels better for the pain, it is because there is excess cold. This cold manifests all month long. If you bring a sweater into the theater or restaurant, your whole body is probably running cold. Remember in these situations that the whole body is cold and could be stressing other systems in your body including your digestion, cardiovascular and respiration.

If you are experiencing pain or clots during your periods, try warming your food and more soups and stews. Almost always stay away from adding ice in your drinks. Another way to keep you mid section warm is to not wear wet cold clothes from working out into an air conditioned restaurant. Add herbs like ginger, garlic, onion, cayenne, cinnamon to your diet. Warm spices even if in a smoothie, have warming properties.

Getting on birth control does not stop the systemic problem and can lead to serious hormonal weakness in the future.

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