Understanding Heartburn

Many people live with chronic heartburn. A cycle of keeping your head up in bed or limiting any of the fun foods like pizza, coffee, spice, tomatoes, carbonation, alcohol….. it is an almost impossible way to live. You torture yourself eating boring foods, and as soon as you eat a “trigger food” are back to pain again.

When You take Antacids it just diminishes the acid temporary, but your stomach need acids. That is how the stomach breaks down food. And if your stomach is unable or insufficient in breaking down your food, nutrients do not get out to the body.

….and there is a reason why your stomach is in an acid war zone.

When you integrate your diet with natural foods and supplements you can have a well run digestive system.  Healing from chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, and sleep issues all start with your stomach health. The digestive system working properly is vital in absorbing nutrients from your food, out to the body.

Food habits can be hard to break… and good news, you probably just need a few simple modifications.

So since acid breaks down our food, then the goal is to not neutralize the acid, the goal is to add other things that also break down food. Understanding your body should be simple. If you research acid reflux, you will get a slew of diagnosis from stress to cancer. But if you think about is basically, acid breaks down food, if you have too much acid, your body is having a hard time breaking down your food. Basically. Things like processed foods and meats require more help to break down food. Some hearty raw vegetables need more to break down also. What we lost in our food refinement and industrialization are digestion catalysts. Natural things in our food to assist in the digestion. Here are 2 vital things to add to your diet everyday, and at least 2 times a day when healing.

Incorporate Food enzymes in your diet. Enzymes break down food.. Foods like bananas, avocado, pineapple, kiwi, papaya, ginger, garlic… garlic for any ailment right?!

Fermented foods give your body some good bacteria needed to help break down foods… Fermented foods include saukraut, kimchi kombucha, brined vegetables, miso, yogurt. We have trillions of bacteria that live in our digestive system. Publicized that most Americans have 1-3 good strands of bacteria and over a hundred bad strands of bacteria in their digestive system.

Remember heartburn is just one symptom of the problem.

Talk with your physician about supplements to assist you with your heartburn or other digestive concerns.

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