Why LDL’s Are Not The Bad Guy!

Understanding the root problem with cholesterol. LDL cholesterol, or low-density lipoprotein cholesterol, is a fat that circulates in the blood, moving cholesterol around the body to where it is needed for cell repair and depositing it inside of artery walls. The LDL receptor is found in the liver and most other tissues.The liver releases cholesterol … Read More

Understanding body temperature in Women’s Health

There is a reason you experience pain, clots, heavy or light periods. Many female athletes aim to be strong and work hard on eating the right foods. So many diets plans out there to follow- which one is right one for you? Sometimes the raw vegetarian diet can cause the whole body to become cold. … Read More

Thank you for being there Mr. Thyroid!

Thyroid The thyroid is in charge of metabolism, growth and development of the body. Hormones are important messengers in our body! Many times in our life the thyroid can under or overact because of chemical troublemakers found in things like our skin care, foods, water, clothes, candles, detergents and plastics. Why you should only take … Read More

questioning if you need vaccine(s) is OK!

It is very difficult to read articles calling parents irresponsible or that people reject science because they question vaccines. It excites me when a person asks me questions . I question, and that is how I learn. I would absolutely ask, why? Medicine is not perfect, and malpractice.. wrongful death… accidental death… Johns Hopkins medical … Read More


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