No Guilt Top 10 Sugar Choices

What To Do To Stay Sweet!

Sometimes you just want a little something sweet. Maybe sometimes a lot. Having sweets are not bad, it is the sweets you are choosing!

That sounds promising right? So let’s rip the bandage off. No White Processed Sugar. Just eliminating white sugar could possibly keep the world from getting type 2 diabetes. And forget about artificial sugars made in a laboratory, they give you no nutritional benefit, and case studies show it can cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your digestive system.

Maybe you have heard of the glycemic index. This is an index describing the relationship of how sugar affects your body in the blood and interacts with insulin.

You want to stay under 100 a day but it is nearly impossible to count glycemic loads all day. And who would want to. I could give you a list of high glycemic foods, but they all include white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. If a package just says sugar, it is white sugar.

Eliminating white and artificial sugar will without a doubt bring on healthier blood, alleviate much of your chronic pain and strengthen all of your organs.

Overwhelmed by sugar …it can addict you

Also packed with nutrients, now a list of the top natural sugars to use daily as your sweetener.

  1. Raw Cane Sugar
  2. Stevia
  3. Coconut
  4. Maple
  5. Molasses
  6. Honey
  7. Dates
  8. Real Fruit
  9. Raw beet sugar
  10. Licorice

Not only do these sugars meet our craving, but each sugar molecule is encased with nutrients. So your body uses the nutrients with the sugar for good health. Processed sugar is a chemical and causes inflammation and an addiction. Do you ever notice that if you don’t have your sugar fix you get a headache? Try a natural sugar and you won’t have that “let down” headache.

If you like to bake or eat baked goods like cakes and cookies, make them yourself. Compare 5 ingredients that you have heard of to 23 in boxed mix, you can imagine it is now a guiltless pleasure!

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