Habits take time to grow and time to change

Feel better with these objectives on the chemicals in our food and skin products.

Now that you know “food” can hurt you, have a no apologies day where you throw things out. This is not wasting as we grew up never to waste a crumb, but this is ridding things in our house that will literally cause us cancer.

It is not your fault but now that you know, it is up to you to feel better and stronger. If you need to, write an email or letter to a company you have trusted with your nutritional needs, or write a message on your social media page. Then throw it all away. Think of it as spring cleaning and how hard it is to do but how rewarding it feels after!

Look for foods in their natural form. The more food is processed, the more
the body has to figure out what to do with it, and invasion of non foods
cause inflammation.

Learn labels and throw things away that are unhealthy. No regret waste
day. It is not real food.

Even if you do not like vegetables, try making a broth with a variety
of colored vegetables. You can also buy organic vegetable stock.
Drink alone or add chicken and sprouted pasta for a meal.
It is easily digested as broth and full of nutrients each cell needs.

Acknowledge the difference between a “fun” food, and foods that heal
and grow. Make sure you have enough healing foods in your
daily regimen.

Skin products and sprays can be toxic to your body.
Use natural products on your skin, hair and teeth. And breathe in from
natural candles and air fresheners.

Water is an important role in inflammation and processing out
toxins. Add cucumbers, lemon, mint, ginger, and raw honey to not only
enhance the taste, but also the seeping of these antiinflammorties
are packed with nutrients to feel better faster.

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