Like a bottle filling beyond its capacity, negative emotions can reach a point that they have to be released or explode. Many factors lead to this pressure building battle of the mind. It’s a cycle of building, exploding and releasing. Let us discuss what the emotions are that build and turn into anger. How the emotional pain causes physical pain, how a simple and powerful scream can free your pain. A scream can augment the healing of emotional and physical pain, and the best way is to “primal scream”.
Over the years, unresolved emotional pain from decisions and situations can weigh in our minds. As a culture we say we are over it, and it doesn’t matter anymore, but does it? Test this theory with people who have hurt you and you are “over it”, could you walk up and give them a genuine hug? A hug of comfort, without the little distance and a patting on the back awkwardness? Could you hold your father who was never there for you? Unresolved pain can reside and we don’t even realize it. Now add new anxieties beyond your control, some fear, and things like chronic physical pain. To make worse, you lost your job. This is the root of your pain, but anger will show itself in other situations. Are you really mad at
the car in front of you for going too slow, your 5 year old for walking around the house asking you a hundred questions, or your husband for leaving his clothes on the floor? Your bottle is full and agitated, stirring, and anything will make it explode if not resolved. Your body and mind cannot take anymore.

Emotional pain causes physical pain. Many studies and research show chronic pain may not be just from trauma, but from emotional pain. This is proven many times with the Fight or Flight response of the sympathetic nervous system. It was perfectly designed in our bodies for immediate danger. Today we are not the gazelle preyed by the lions, cheetahs, leopards, crocodiles, jackals, African wild dogs, and hyenas (could you imagine), but in constant waves of stress. This gives us higher levels of cortisol, which affects all major organ systems. Continuous stress keeps muscles contracted, causing fatigue and shoulder tightness. In this
situation, think about how good a blast of air through the body would feel to strengthen to rejuvenate.

When the emotional bottle is filled, a long good oxygen filled scream can make you feel better. We can only survive without oxygen for minutes. In our stressful lives, we find ourselves holding our breath or breathing very shallow. Each breath carries oxygen that every cell in the body needs to live. Noticeably when emotions are too much and we can’t fix them, we get angry. When we are angry, we want to yell. We want to scream, but our culture says, bottle it up, suppress it, do yoga. Why would we feel the need to scream and yell unless it was an important tool for healing? I believe the primal scream is a call out to no one, it is a purge of the emotions we have settled in our mind. Along with resolving methods of emotional pain, the scream is an important way our body naturally wants to purge.

The primal scream as defined on is “a violent outpour of raw emotion.” It is not to be used on another person, but a personal release of everything building up in your body. And when I say body, after a primal scream, besides your head feeling clearer, your shoulders will feel relaxed, your lower back may feel good, your headache gone, and your heart beat may relax. You may feel a warm tingling in your skin like you just sprinted 50 yards.

Rejuvenated. The time to do the scream is when the emotional bottle is about to explode, so notify your family, and quickly find a private place to uncork. The misconception about screaming is that a person is angry. The truth is all the emotions and pain you feel need an outlet. The scream is acute and immediate freedom from emotional stress. The stresses, anxieties, fears, need to be dissected and conquered for long lasting happiness we deserve.

In this beautiful world we have emotional pain. At times we caused our own pain, and sometimes others have. It is in dealing with those tender emotions that we can truly enjoy our life. The physical pains of stress wreaks havoc on our body, and in reaching self-actualization, we need good primal screams along the way.

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