Power of Relaxing

Kids and cats have a way of relaxing!

This is an attempt to convince everyone how powerful lazing around can be! I am going to make it as scientific as possible. But keep in mind, learning from children, how we were when young, is an important retrospection for us.

Pain, stress and anxiety must be resolved. Society may dictate us to suppress and get over it…. but we don’t ever get over it. Our brain will find the memories and bring them to our consciousness at the most inopportune time.

Children have moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers looking out for them. Think about how many times a child tells us the same story over and over. They are brilliantly resolving it! Maybe as an adult we can not go over and over our problems with our friends and family, but we can write it down. We can write it over and over whenever we feel like it, and draw it out like children with sad faces or scribble over the word death until we feel better.

Living with chronic stress along with attacks of acute stress physically destroy us. Stress is the number one killer and based on many scientific journal entries, probably the cause of most diseases. As you probably know, the sympathetic/ parasympathetic flight or fight response is the core way we respond to stress in our lives. As no mads, when our lives were very primal, the sympathetic response would occur when in danger of our lives! It got our body running, heart pumping…. When under this stress, your body is not digesting or healing injuries. This may be why we have chronic pain, constipation and cancers. Are we giving our body time to relax? When was the last time we took a slow deep breath?

Meditation is just that. Stopping and breathing. Even if you can sit still at work and take 1 minute of deep breaths with a nice mantra like “I love and am thankful for my life” or “I am proud of me and will never surrender.” We have trials of all intensities, so pick a mantra that gives you a quick pick me up like you would a friend.