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Receive high quality herbals, supplements and vitamins to your door based on your individual needs from board certified herbalist.
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Within 48 hours, you will have a list of herbs and supplements personally recommended based on your concerns.

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We use a great company Kaerwell to ship products. This allows freshness and quality as they host many medical online herbal stores.
If you know what you want to order, or just want to browse, click on the Kaerwell link and become a new user. Access code is devereaux.
Even when you order directly, contact Devereaux Health with any questions regarding how to use your supplement.

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  3. Receive recommendations and education on medical concerns
  4. Order products you want. Communicate with your physician.

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Online Nutritional consultations are a concierge service of $25 a month paid quarterly.  With your concierge service you can contact the physician by email, phone and text whenever you need medical advice.  Not only does this include herbals and vitamins recommended, but also nutritional and natural healing options including wound care, colds, allergies, digestive issues and lower back pain.

Mary Devereaux, DOM Lac is a primary care physician accepting insurance. Check your plan.

Growth, development, and repair of tissues.
Rebuild Naturally
During and after workouts.
Plant based supplement for peak performance

Just a few of my favorite products!

Bringing a nutritional podcast that brings Western and Eastern physicians together.

Meet your Physician

Mary Devereaux DOM, LAc

Doctor Traditional Chinese Medicine

A doctor in traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture physician and licensed herbalist. Expertise in vitamins and supplements focusing on drug interactions and best forms of absorption.