Understanding Heartburn

Many people live with chronic heartburn. A cycle of keeping your head up in bed or limiting any of the fun foods like pizza, coffee, spice, tomatoes, carbonation, alcohol….. it is an almost impossible way to live. You torture yourself eating boring foods, and as soon as you eat a “trigger food” are back to pain again.

When You take Antacids it just diminishes the acid temporary, but your stomach need acids. That is how the stomach breaks down food. And if your stomach is unable or insufficient in breaking down your food, nutrients do not get out to the body.

….and there is a reason why your stomach is in an acid war zone.

When you integrate your diet with natural foods and supplements you can have a well run digestive system.  Healing from chronic pain, inflammation, headaches, and sleep issues all start with your stomach health. The digestive system working properly is vital in absorbing nutrients from your food, out to the body.

Food habits can be hard to break… and good news, you probably just need a few simple modifications.

So since acid breaks down our food, then the goal is to not neutralize the acid, the goal is to add other things that also break down food. Understanding your body should be simple. If you research acid reflux, you will get a slew of diagnosis from stress to cancer. But if you think about is basically, acid breaks down food, if you have too much acid, your body is having a hard time breaking down your food. Basically. Things like processed foods and meats require more help to break down food. Some hearty raw vegetables need more to break down also. What we lost in our food refinement and industrialization are digestion catalysts. Natural things in our food to assist in the digestion. Here are 2 vital things to add to your diet everyday, and at least 2 times a day when healing.

Incorporate Food enzymes in your diet. Enzymes break down food.. Foods like bananas, avocado, pineapple, kiwi, papaya, ginger, garlic… garlic for any ailment right?!

Fermented foods give your body some good bacteria needed to help break down foods… Fermented foods include saukraut, kimchi kombucha, brined vegetables, miso, yogurt. We have trillions of bacteria that live in our digestive system. Publicized that most Americans have 1-3 good strands of bacteria and over a hundred bad strands of bacteria in their digestive system.

Remember heartburn is just one symptom of the problem.

Talk with your physician about supplements to assist you with your heartburn or other digestive concerns.

No Guilt Top 10 Sugar Choices

What To Do To Stay Sweet!

Sometimes you just want a little something sweet. Maybe sometimes a lot. Having sweets are not bad, it is the sweets you are choosing!

That sounds promising right? So let’s rip the bandage off. No White Processed Sugar. Just eliminating white sugar could possibly keep the world from getting type 2 diabetes. And forget about artificial sugars made in a laboratory, they give you no nutritional benefit, and case studies show it can cause an overgrowth of bad bacteria in your digestive system.

Maybe you have heard of the glycemic index. This is an index describing the relationship of how sugar affects your body in the blood and interacts with insulin.

You want to stay under 100 a day but it is nearly impossible to count glycemic loads all day. And who would want to. I could give you a list of high glycemic foods, but they all include white sugar and high fructose corn syrup. If a package just says sugar, it is white sugar.

Eliminating white and artificial sugar will without a doubt bring on healthier blood, alleviate much of your chronic pain and strengthen all of your organs.

Overwhelmed by sugar …it can addict you

Also packed with nutrients, now a list of the top natural sugars to use daily as your sweetener.

  1. Raw Cane Sugar
  2. Stevia
  3. Coconut
  4. Maple
  5. Molasses
  6. Honey
  7. Dates
  8. Real Fruit
  9. Raw beet sugar
  10. Licorice

Not only do these sugars meet our craving, but each sugar molecule is encased with nutrients. So your body uses the nutrients with the sugar for good health. Processed sugar is a chemical and causes inflammation and an addiction. Do you ever notice that if you don’t have your sugar fix you get a headache? Try a natural sugar and you won’t have that “let down” headache.

If you like to bake or eat baked goods like cakes and cookies, make them yourself. Compare 5 ingredients that you have heard of to 23 in boxed mix, you can imagine it is now a guiltless pleasure!

Top 10 Things to Have in Your Sport’s Bag

1. Sea salt
82 essential trace nutrients includes vital minerals like sodium, potassiumcalciummagnesium, bromide, chloride, ironcopper, and zinc among other beneficial elements. Good for muscle cramping (Charlie horses), energy during activity, headaches, post workout recovery, waking up in the night, night sweats. Take a pinch with or without water during activity depending on how much you are exerting. Better than an electrolyte drink.

​2. Magnesium oil

Magnesium  is in every organ in the human body. It is a vital mineral for over 300 biochemical reactions that regulate our health.

Good for: Arthritis, Joint pain, muscle pain and cramps insomnia, energy, and stress. You can make magnesium oil with equal parts Epsom salt and water. Put in glass jar and shake until dissolved. Put on topically before play in areas of concern and after.

​3. Apple cider vinegar probiotics
Good for energy, acid reflux, anti-bacterial, deodorant, varicose veins, anti-fungal, lowers blood pressure, soothes sunburn. Orally, you may need to vary it depending on how much you sweat and the hotter it is, but a couple tablespoons a day in a glass of water should be enough. Topically you can keep some in about a 2 ounce glass spray bottle in your workout bag and spray when needed.

​4. Silicone cup
Similar to cupping at your Eastern Doctor, these are made from silicone and can be purchased online. Good for improving blood flow, pain, circulation. Squeeze, place, let go..They suction to your skin.

​5. Coconut oil

Good for immunity, dry skin, hair, heart, bones mental fatigue, sun protection spf10, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, bruises, energy. Use topically or ingest a tablespoon a couple times a day depending on your deficiency.

​6. Theracane
Curved plastic cane with knobs to massage your back shoulders legs​

​7. Tennis ball
When you are training and get a pain in your back, lie down with the ball underneath you and directly under the pain. Not for the spine, but for knots in the upper back and lower back and leg muscles it works great. Sit in the car driving on the ball and can help release muscle binding that can cause sciatic pain.

​8. Natural Warming cream/analgesic cream
Important to warm up any soreness and injuries to promote blood flow to the area.

9. Essential oil spray
Make your own spray with your favorite oils, witch hazel and water. Good for deodorant, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, refresher, bug repellent

Essential oil recommendations for workout: peppermint, lemongrass, lavender, frankincense, myrrh.

​10. Large towel
Obviously a big towel can do more than a small towel. Wrap your sweaty face in a large soft towel. People bring a small dried up uncomfortable towel to workout or to play a tennis match. Don’t settle. A large towel can dry both shoulders at once. Try it next time and let me know.

Why We Love Red Wine in the East and the West

Why We Love Red Wine

East meets west head to head on the benefits of wine and why we love it. Sometimes even crave it. And dare I say on occasion to excess.  According to the US Wine Consumer Reports, in 2016 sales in the US topped over $38 billion in just sales from US wineries.

A search for wine benefits, with at the top of the list, is the American Heart Association stating that 1-2 4 ounces a day will provide countless benefits for you and your heart.  For starters wine is loaded with antioxidants.  Antioxidants we know destroy free radicals. Free radicals are unstable and unpaired electrons looking to be stable. Antioxidants give electrons to  stabilize free radicals while remaining themselves stable.

From the skin of the red grape we get resveratrol, and in many studies, including one from university of Virginia, it inhibits the growth of cancer cells. Resveratrol is also known for boosting brain power and weight loss by binding to insulin receptors.  Polyphenols give blood vessels flexibility. 

So wrapping up Western/ American doctors researched benefits on red wine are: Inhibit growth of cancer cells, lower cholesterol, weight loss, strengthen immunity, blood sugar levels, and boost brain power. No wonder wine is relaxing!

Now the Traditional Chinese Medicine view on the benefits of red wine. 5 element theory dates back to the Warring States period 476 BC.  Red Wine relates to the Fire Element. Color: red Taste: bitter, Organ: Heart, blood vessels, Emotion: Joy and passion, Emotions as pathology: vulnerable, irritable, discouragement. Times of the heart channel are 11-1pm and the pericardium which protects the heart is 7-9pm.  Consider having a glass of red wine at lunch while the heart channel is at its peak action potential.

What I love about Traditional Chinese Medicine is how it fits with Western medicine and deepens the understanding of what is going on with our body.  This is just one example, and one of my favorites.

7 Misconceptions of Chinese Medicine

Trying to find a way to be healthy can be pretty complicated. So many rules and too many blogs from experts that are not experts just opinions that can be based on facts redirected to pursue you. Gosh that sentence was even complicated.Well Traditional Chinese Medicine is not complicated. It gets lumped into a whole category of mystical fantastical medicines. And when renowned Western Hospitals start including Traditional Chinese Medicine, it gets called quackery by some “real doctors.” It is a shame they are so afraid to share the value of healing and discount medicine they don’t understand. As a person with a body, there is room to share healing modalities! So here are 7 misconceptions about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes use of Acupuncture.

1.Traditional Chinese Medicine says we have a magical Qi that is the energy in our body. TCM has been around over 3000 years. Descriptions are going to be different. The fact is we are very electrical. Signals are continuously moving from the brain everywhere in the body. And we know these signals can slow down and get blocked like in conditions of multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, and when intoxicated. So magical Qi? No, it is real energy signals moving through the body. When something as little as a gnat sits on a hair on your arm, you feel it within seconds. You bang your elbow and pain or energy shoots up and down. This is Qi. Not a mystery force. And to follow this is Acupuncture puts a thin lightening rod to signal the brain to say- come here, fix this.

2. Yin and Yang is some mystical force of balance. Yin and Yang is a phrase from thousands of years. In current time you could relate it to if you had 80 percent of a pie left, you ate 20 percent. Together it still makes a whole pie. Yang is the word for the movement and energy, with Yin being the rest and quiet. It is just how to relate anything to each other. We may not relate many things in medicine the same as back then but the philosophy was and is important in TCM. When you have a sore throat, this is excess yang, and most likely yin deficient. Your throat is out of balance and a Traditional Chinese Medicine Doctor will try to help you get it back in balance. It is a philosophy to understand the health condition. Knowing how the body is out of sinc whether deficient, excess hot or cold is important to regain homeostasis.

3. Chinese Medicine gives organs an emotion and is not real medicineTraditional Chinese Medicine did not perform autopsies. They palpated, experimented and asked a lot of questions. In TCM, and in real life, organ systems are affected by emotions. In our culture, we lump anxiety and stress together but they are 2 different feelings that affect different parts of the body. Stress is situational. Like a stressful job. Anxiety is not being able to resolve something. You get anxious because you may not know how to figure out a solution, or maybe their is no solution and the situation stays in your mind day after day, causing anxiety. Many times Anxiety and Stress are going on at the same time. When you are stressed, it affects your stomach. Maybe you have had an acute stressful situation and you had a pain in your stomach. Chronic stress leads to acid reflux, gas, constipation. Then Anxiety. Anxiety grows. So many unresolved situations over the years that play like movie reels in the mind over and over. What happens is adrenal glands produce cortisol to work with the anxiety. Then the liver produces glucose for the adrenal glands. This over taxes the liver.
4. The Mind is not connected to the body for medicine and healing purposes

Comments like this insult who we are. To say we do not have feelings that affect us physically. Like we are superficial robots disconnected. We know when we are sad we barely breathe. When we are happy our energy goes up. And when we are anxious and nervous we can get palpitations, breathing difficulties, diarrhea etc. So if we can work on our emotions, it will help us breathe deeper, relax and digest our meals more efficiently, and reduce pain.

5. Herbal medicine is dangerous and has no value in healing

What an ignorant statement I have seen on the internet many times. I mean aspirin, come on, was derived from willow bark. Western medicine dates the discovery in 1763, but a greater back story is traditional Chinese medicine is willow bark, or liu shu pi, was used for thousands of years. We know herbs are a powerhouse of vitamins and nutrients. Parsley, Oregano, Thyme, to name a few. So Chinese Herbs are what were indigenous and grew in their region. Ginger, ginseng, turmeric.. hundreds of herbs. They all do somethings different. They are food, nutrients, not a hard stretch to understand. The body needs nutrients period. Herbs have particular vitamins and minerals that have been studied for thousands of years! If you believe food heals, herbs are food, they heal.

6. Acupuncture is a placebo and not real medicine

Acupuncture sends the signal for your body to focus on an area to heal. It causes a micro causation which brings the white blood cells in to heal. Look what they are doing with prosthesis and nerve conductivity. The body has billions of nerves so it is easy to understand how a thin needle placed close to a nerve would draw attention from the body.

7. Cupping marks are bruises and can be dangerous

Bruises are from impact. Cupping is not impact. Cupping lifts the fascia, and lets blood flow move under the skin. Old trauma leaves stagnant blood maybe for years under the skin. The “bruise marks” are actually old blood that gets cupped up to the surface and now able to move through the body and be released. Cupping is great for Chronic issues as well as acute pain.

Augmenting Emotional Pain Treatment with a Scream

Like a bottle filling beyond its capacity, negative emotions can reach a point that they have to be released or explode. Many factors lead to this pressure building battle of the mind. It’s a cycle of building, exploding and releasing. Let us discuss what the emotions are that build and turn into anger. How the emotional pain causes physical pain, how a simple and powerful scream can free your pain. A scream can augment the healing of emotional and physical pain, and the best way is to “primal scream”.
Over the years, unresolved emotional pain from decisions and situations can weigh in our minds. As a culture we say we are over it, and it doesn’t matter anymore, but does it? Test this theory with people who have hurt you and you are “over it”, could you walk up and give them a genuine hug? A hug of comfort, without the little distance and a patting on the back awkwardness? Could you hold your father who was never there for you? Unresolved pain can reside and we don’t even realize it. Now add new anxieties beyond your control, some fear, and things like chronic physical pain. To make worse, you lost your job. This is the root of your pain, but anger will show itself in other situations. Are you really mad at
the car in front of you for going too slow, your 5 year old for walking around the house asking you a hundred questions, or your husband for leaving his clothes on the floor? Your bottle is full and agitated, stirring, and anything will make it explode if not resolved. Your body and mind cannot take anymore.

Emotional pain causes physical pain. Many studies and research show chronic pain may not be just from trauma, but from emotional pain. This is proven many times with the Fight or Flight response of the sympathetic nervous system. It was perfectly designed in our bodies for immediate danger. Today we are not the gazelle preyed by the lions, cheetahs, leopards, crocodiles, jackals, African wild dogs, and hyenas (could you imagine), but in constant waves of stress. This gives us higher levels of cortisol, which affects all major organ systems. Continuous stress keeps muscles contracted, causing fatigue and shoulder tightness. In this
situation, think about how good a blast of air through the body would feel to strengthen to rejuvenate.

When the emotional bottle is filled, a long good oxygen filled scream can make you feel better. We can only survive without oxygen for minutes. In our stressful lives, we find ourselves holding our breath or breathing very shallow. Each breath carries oxygen that every cell in the body needs to live. Noticeably when emotions are too much and we can’t fix them, we get angry. When we are angry, we want to yell. We want to scream, but our culture says, bottle it up, suppress it, do yoga. Why would we feel the need to scream and yell unless it was an important tool for healing? I believe the primal scream is a call out to no one, it is a purge of the emotions we have settled in our mind. Along with resolving methods of emotional pain, the scream is an important way our body naturally wants to purge.

The primal scream as defined on merriamwebsterdictionary.com is “a violent outpour of raw emotion.” It is not to be used on another person, but a personal release of everything building up in your body. And when I say body, after a primal scream, besides your head feeling clearer, your shoulders will feel relaxed, your lower back may feel good, your headache gone, and your heart beat may relax. You may feel a warm tingling in your skin like you just sprinted 50 yards.

Rejuvenated. The time to do the scream is when the emotional bottle is about to explode, so notify your family, and quickly find a private place to uncork. The misconception about screaming is that a person is angry. The truth is all the emotions and pain you feel need an outlet. The scream is acute and immediate freedom from emotional stress. The stresses, anxieties, fears, need to be dissected and conquered for long lasting happiness we deserve.

In this beautiful world we have emotional pain. At times we caused our own pain, and sometimes others have. It is in dealing with those tender emotions that we can truly enjoy our life. The physical pains of stress wreaks havoc on our body, and in reaching self-actualization, we need good primal screams along the way.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine is the standardized medicine in China. The practice of Chinese Medicine dates back over 3000 years.  The verbiage may seem abstract and mystical, but the practice is full of science-based medicine.  The concept Yin and Yang is similar to Newtons 3rd law that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Or if you think of half a pie, there is also a half of pie not there. 3000 years ago medicine was spoken more philosophical. Doctors did not perform autopsies, so learned by inspection, palpating and discussing.  TCM addresses the root of the problem and the manifestations.  Neck pain may be caused by an auto injury and the root could be in your lower back. So a practitioner would work on both.  We understand peripheral neuropathy in Western terms, and numbness that can work its way down the legs. Working down the legs is an example of a pathway and meridian in Traditional Chinese Medicine.  If you ever banged your elbow and felt it up your arm, that would also be radiating up a meridian.  TCM works on 8  basic principles which are: hot and cold, deficient and excess, yin and yang, interior and exterior.  This again is science based. If you show heat signs like sore throat or fever, TCM would offer cooling herbs or food with cooling properties like mint. We know peppers and ginger are warm inside our body. These are food qualities and science. Qi is the word for energy.  We have energy and very electrical, so qi is not a mystical concept but just a very old term.


A main component of Traditional Chinese Medicine is Acupuncture.  It is easy for us to understand how well acupuncture works for muscular pain. Bindings in the muscle cause pain. The knots you feel need to be released and we try massage, pressure and stretching to release the knot.  An acupuncture needle which is the width of a hair, slides into the muscle binding, allowing it to release.  We have confirmed that with dry needling and physical therapists. Going further with Traditional Chinese Medicine, an acupuncture needle sends attention to an area. Chronic conditions may have been forgotten as our body works on more acute problems. Acupuncture causes a micro signal (pain) and the body reacts to heal. We accept pain radiates, our body is very electrical with billions of nerves, and that our body works as a system. Acupuncture over thousands of years of  trial and error has made the connections to allow your body to heal itself with less recovery time.

Herbs in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese herbs and formulas are derived from plants, bugs and minerals that are indigenous from China. Some herbs are now illegal like tiger bone, but remember, formulas were created thousands of years ago.  Today TCM herbs and formulas are regulated and animal parts are protected.  When getting a prescription for herbs, make sure your practitioner is a licensed herbalist.  We know foods have healing qualities, and offer different vitamins and minerals, so TCM herbalists use the basic principles of health to create the right formula of herbs to get to the root of your concern and any manifestations.  It is not chasing supplements.  Talk with your doctor and TCM herbalist about any medications or allergies you have.

What Integrative Medicine Should Mean to You

INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE CONSULTATION SERVICE IS AN EXTENSION OF YOUR CURRENT MODEL OF CARE.  The patients and practitioners’ goal are to create a whole treatment plan that integrates therapies and wellness programs to supplement your treatment plan.  Ask your health care provider about the integrative medicine consultation facilities in your area.

Integrative Medicine is used alongside with conventional medicine.  Combining modalities of treatment gives the patient a complete look at their whole body through evidence-based research. Once all the information is gathered, a complete treatment plan based on your needs is created.

Not all practices may be what you need, but knowing your options will help you find what helps you.

Integrative medicine works with every part of your body, including your mind and spirit. An example would be taking sleep aids while also understanding the cause of your waking up through the night and vivid dreams.  Or using a vasodilator to take deeper breaths while also learning diaphragmatic breathing techniques.

It is important for you to understand the modalities and the scientific base for acupuncture, Chinese medicine, meditation, herbs, complementary or alternate medicine and how these therapies can assist you with your wellness goals. Educate yourself in many publications for and against, and understand for you. Many of the modalities are thousands of years old and research today is showing an increase number of successful cases on their effectiveness. Integrative medicine should not be considered an archaic form of treatment, but one in which all aspects of body, mind and spirit are considered and nurtured.

Habits take time to grow and time to change

Feel better with these objectives on the chemicals in our food and skin products.

Now that you know “food” can hurt you, have a no apologies day where you throw things out. This is not wasting as we grew up never to waste a crumb, but this is ridding things in our house that will literally cause us cancer.

It is not your fault but now that you know, it is up to you to feel better and stronger. If you need to, write an email or letter to a company you have trusted with your nutritional needs, or write a message on your social media page. Then throw it all away. Think of it as spring cleaning and how hard it is to do but how rewarding it feels after!

Look for foods in their natural form. The more food is processed, the more
the body has to figure out what to do with it, and invasion of non foods
cause inflammation.

Learn labels and throw things away that are unhealthy. No regret waste
day. It is not real food.

Even if you do not like vegetables, try making a broth with a variety
of colored vegetables. You can also buy organic vegetable stock.
Drink alone or add chicken and sprouted pasta for a meal.
It is easily digested as broth and full of nutrients each cell needs.

Acknowledge the difference between a “fun” food, and foods that heal
and grow. Make sure you have enough healing foods in your
daily regimen.

Skin products and sprays can be toxic to your body.
Use natural products on your skin, hair and teeth. And breathe in from
natural candles and air fresheners.

Water is an important role in inflammation and processing out
toxins. Add cucumbers, lemon, mint, ginger, and raw honey to not only
enhance the taste, but also the seeping of these antiinflammorties
are packed with nutrients to feel better faster.